Every SaaS hero has an origin story

The first episode I listened to saved me thousands of dollars.

I just finished listening to the interview with Rand Fishkin. I’ve heard him on other podcasts and I’ve been a fan of Rand’s for years.

There were a lot of nuggets he dropped in the interview but just one of them showed me that a decision I was about to make would have cost me tons of money and taken potentially a year before I would have finally accepted that it was a bad idea from the beginning.

So grateful I found this podcast. You always see these success stories and wonder why they made it when you haven’t yet. But the truth isn’t that simple. Hearing their stories really shows you the twists and turns the founders took and what they learned that kept both them as well as their business going when everything seemed like it was going to crash and burn.

July 14, 2022 by Mjspencer2010 on Apple Podcasts

Every SaaS hero has an origin story